Faire voter des cartes – spécial votations fédérales du 28 février 2016

Les régions montagneuses de la Suisse, encore très approximativement cartographiées au début du 19e siècle, regroupent peu d’habitants qui votent pourtant, du moins en partie. 37% de la population en 2014 était dépourvue de ce droit, étant soit trop jeune, sous tutelle ou étrangère. Dans les deux tiers restants, deux Suisses sur cinq ont eux-mêmes […]

Star Wars: Prayer Beads of Planets to Meditate about Earth

What is the biggest difference between the Star Wars planets and our Earth? Most have only one biome! On Earth, we have deserts, oceans, polar regions and tropical jungles. Star Wars dedicates an entire planet to each. Scientifically speaking, this model does not work because a planet never offers the same living conditions in its […]

The automobile world and the future of space – a cartographic perspective

What follows is the text of my presentation at the ICHC 2015 in Antwerp, held on July 15th. Abstract: That there exists a dialectical relationship between spatial representations and spatial practices is a familiar idea, which received extensive theoretical development by thinkers as diverse as Henri Lefebvre, Gunar Olsson or Franco Farinelli. My aim is […]

Wikitractatus spatial #2 – La fureur de lire

Après une première installation à Lausanne, le Wikitractatus a déployé ses branches sous le soleil de mai à Genève, à l’occasion de la Fureur de lire, adoptant deux formes, cette fois: une installation urbaine et un spectacle à trois voix. La performance s’est déroulée dans les combles du Collège Calvin du 16e s. Quand Genève […]

Wikitractatus spatial #1

Le Wikitractatus est un poème 2.0, dont le sens dépend de votre itinéraire, à l’instar du sens de n’importe quel territoire que vous créez par votre mouvement, par vos sensations, par les réflexions qui naissent en vous en marchant. Ce texte est né sur le papier il y a plus d’une dizaine d’années, comme une […]

La réalité c’est moi – power structures in the French Wikipedia

The word reality derives from the Latin res, the thing, but it is also related to réalité and roi, the kingliness of the king. What is real and what is real? That is the question when the reality of things becomes determined by their existence on the Internet. This existence, in turn, is subjected to […]

The impossible here

The recurring challenge facing anyone who tries to localize realities in order to show their spatial relations on a map is the systematic impermanence of any objectivized space. Thus any space used as a base layer in thematic maps must be thought of as the result of an ongoing production. Places, like any mobile individuals, […]

Sunrise or Sunset? Per Capita GDP Evolution in EU Member States

The infographic above looks like a sunset or a sunrise rendered in an impressionist painting of the pixel age. It illustrates EU’s per capita domestic product from 1998 to 2011, expressed in “purchasing power standard” (PPS). To get the PPS, you divide the per capita GDP by the purchasing power parity index. It says, more […]

A mobility network

Methods and tools After a day and a half of work and fine-tuning, here we go: the commuting network of all individuals either residing, working or studying in the canton Valais. I’ve used R, with the RStudio GUI, and the igraph library for R. My staring point was the mobility matrix between all communes, including […]