The impossible territory and the maps of the boyar Kraiensky

Figure 1 Overlapping territories of First Nations in the perception of their members. Screenshot from the geomatics site . Unstable borders are a cartographer’s nightmare. The simple task of reporting on demographic changes quickly becomes a headache in a country whose municipalities merge, divide, and even change their spatial contours according to the projects […]

Text2Landscape: Visualize a Text in Multiple Spaces with R — Force-directed networks, Biofabric, Word Embeddings, Principal Component Analysis and Self-Organizing Maps

You will find no realistic landscapes prior to the Renaissance. The saints of medieval murals float in a conceptual space informed by hierarchies and symbolic relations; so do those of the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtras. The word “landscape” appears with the Dutch painters of the 15th century. A landscape is a part of the world perceived by […]

Ressources web pour les géodonnées

Ressources Monde OpenStreetMap: – fonds de cartes vectoriels constitué par la communauté OpenStreetMap. Voir plus bas pour l’intégration dans QGIS. Google Earth Engine: – “a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities” Suisse Confédération Swisstopo: – cette carte en ligne fonctionne aussi en tant que catalogue permettant […]

Ideograph – explore ideologies of political parties with SPAQRL requests to WikiData, D3 and PixiJS.

Ideograph is a visual tool for exploring ideologies of political parties. It queries its data directly from the frequently updated WikiData graph database. You can filter the graph by country, and find further information by clicking on the node labels. Ideograph is licensed under GNU GPL 3.0. Presentation Video I’ve presented IdeoGraph at the Wikidata […]

Mediatized Places in Wuhan – a Cartographic Attempt banned by Facebook

We’ve heared a lot about Wuhan (武汉), during 2020, for obvious reasons. Facts have a hard life on the battlefield of speculations, caught up in crossfire between pro-Trump propaganda channels (FoxNews, OANN, …) and Chinese state media. Scientists propose two hypotheses for the origin of the Covid-19: A zoonotic transmission from animal to human, traced […]

COVID-19 Coronavirus cases in absolute numbers and per capita – evolution

Graphics of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated regularly since March 31st. Source code for graphic production included. Excellent graphics of the evolution of the COVID-19 have been made by John Burn-Murdoch for the Financial Times or by Lisa Charlotte Rost for the Grand Continent (observatoire Coronavirus : tendances globales). Not only use they […]

L’instinct, la machine, l’empreinte

La machine est à la fois ce qui nous permet d’échapper à l’esclavage des besoins et ce qui nous y confine. Elle apparaît partout dans les Mille Plateaux de Deleuze et Guattari, mais je propose d’y réfléchir plutôt à travers la collection de textes rassemblés par Deleuze en 1953 sous le titre Instincts et Institutions. […]

Hypertopie dans la yourte: conférence augmentée

Le Livre sur les quais, samedi 7 août 2019. Avant de vous présenter le livre Hypertopie, et la traduction d’icelui dans une performance sonore conduite par Gwenaël Grossfeld, disons quelques mots sur le lieu où vous vous trouvez, étant donné qu’il y un lien entre ce lieu et notre performance. Car l’utopie, comme l’hypertopie sont […]

Between Art and Truth with Machine Learning

What we call Artificial Intelligence reflects a thousand-year-old aspiration to provide thought with rules. It was born with the first cities, which gave a new meaning to human itineraries: through their walls, their selective doors, their stairs, and their secret passages. Four thousand years ago, a Sumerian scribe engraves King Ur-Nammu’s code on a clay tablet with a stylus and then dried it in the sun. The artifact hardens and fixates the laws of the city of Ur. Its code replaces the spontaneous intelligence of a judge, subject to the arbitrariness of his cruelty or clemency. It has a casuistic form: if a man is accused of witchcraft, then he must undergo the test of cold water; if his innocence is proven, then his accuser must pay 3 shekels, etc.