Draw anything you want with R on the Cartesian grid

Most of the graphics documenation in R is dedicated to high level plotting packages. Some of them are great and you should definitely use them for well established types of figures. For scatterplots, histograms, boxplots, violin plots, contours, density plots, you name it… my favourite is ggplot2; good results can also be obtained with lattice.  […]

Translate the DHM25 model of Swisstopo from MMBLT to an ARC/ESRI GRID

The digital height model DHM25 is a set of data representing the 3D form of the earth’s surface without vegetation and buildings. It is essentially based on the Swiss National Map 1:25 000. Years ago, when Swisstopo was called Bundesamt für Landestopographie, they published this data in their home-made format called MMBLT, stored in files […]