A post-car world with the PodCar

CityCar by SmartCities Lab. Source: MIT TEchnology Review.

The environmental and urbanistic reasons for getting rid of private individual car need no more to be listed. Known under the name of podcar, a promising car replacement solution consists of a driverless vehicle, usable on demand, and […] Continue Reading…

Four Music Videos for the End of the World

12/21/2012. Some say the end is near.  But there’s still time to watch the best music videos about Doomsday.
Tool – Ænema
“Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon – I certainly hope we will” sings Maynard James Kennan. Here, the end of the world means “fret for your figure and fret […] Continue Reading…

Switzerland discusses food sovereignty – a vegetarian diet might be the answer

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”, said Albert Einstein. This might also the answer to the questions discussed this Wednesday, September 19th in the Swiss parliament (both in the Conseil National and […] Continue Reading…

Sunrise or Sunset? Per Capita GDP Evolution in EU Member States

– Hey, this looks like a sunset! he said.

– Or a sunrise, she said.

– For a sunrise, he said, there’s not enough grey. Not enough morning dew.

– There’s dew all right! she said. Could be an impressionist painting of the pixel age.

– You’re sweet guys, the guy at the […] Continue Reading…

Restore “New > Text file” in Windows’ contextual menu

If you’ve changed your standard .tex file editor to Notepad2 or Notepad++, chances are that the contextual menu entry “Create New > Document file” has disappeared.

To restore it, just save the following code as a .reg file and run it (thanks to Archos alias Limneos for posting the code […] Continue Reading…

The Islands of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

[Une version révisée, en français, de cet article, publiée dans Le Temps, Genève, en 2012, peut être téléchargée ici.]

Jean-Jacques Rousseau would have been 300 years old today. He was already 53 in October 1765 when he left the waves of the Lake Bienne, heart-sick, expelled from the Island of […] Continue Reading…