Design you color scheme

Searching for an harmonious color scheme starting with a givent color? I recomend Petr Stanícek’s “Color scheme designer”.

Using a simple yet powerfull graphical interface, you can find complementary, triadic analogic and many other methods to any web color. Colors can be directly copied to your CSS.

I recommend combined use with ColorZilla Firefox plugin.

Stocking machine readable data in a ‘td’ tag

To stock ‘machine readable’ information about a table cell use the abbr tag:

Useful for example when you try to give jQuery a handle on specific table cells when id and class tags are already in use.

The ‘abbr’ attribute is an official attribute of the td tag in HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.0 DTD in compliance with S=Strict, T=Transitional, and F=Frameset.

Force Windows trash (recycler) to empty itself

Sometimes, stuff gets stuck in Windows trash. Mouse-click trash emptying doesn’t work any more.

If that happens, use the following DOS code in the command line:
rd /s /q C:\RECYCLER
If something’s really stuck in the recyler, you will get the following error message (or equivalent in your operationg system installation language):
Problem – Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car […] Continue Reading…

Draw what you’re looking for with an image search algorithm

The written language, made of letters, words and phrases, is how we mostly do internet search. It doesn’t have be that way though. It is very possible, for example, to search a photograph by drawing its approximation. This is shown by ‘retrievr’, the graphic search engine of System One Labs. In retrievr, you can do exactly this type of […] Continue Reading…

Globalization and the society of diversified consumption: an optimistic view

And what if consumption has superseded itself with the advent of Internet advertisement?

Since commercials are now possible on global scale, while being contextually aimed at specific audiences, it becomes less and less interesting to mass-produce for crowds subjugated by manufactured desire for standardized objects. Manufacturing myth, like cars, TV’s or CD players, is no more necessary to reach a […] Continue Reading…

3D without eyes

The limits of desire in terms of screen resolution have been reached with full HD. This is the point where more isn’t better, ‘more’ simply doesn’t make sense. Beside planned obsolence, the manufactorors only hope is to come up ‘next big thing’. This is precisely why 3D is becomming this year’s keyword of hi-fi retailers.

For now, the “new technology” […] Continue Reading…