Unify the extent of rasters in QGIS 3 to avoid clipping by raster calculator

This one drove me crazy today! If you try to sum values from rasters with different extent, the raster calcultor clips the result to their overlapping zone. This might make sense in most cases, but in many other cases it absolutely does not. Users should have a choice. An old workaround (2013) is proposed on […]

Installer Orange Data Mining

Orange Data Mining est un logiciel d’analyse de données basé sur une programmation visuelle. Son processus d’installation peut s’avérer complexe, notamment sur Windows 10, en raison de dépendances à des bibliothèques python dont les versions peuvent interférer avec celles d’autres logiciels. La manière la plus aisée d’installer ce logiciel est avec Miniconda. Si vous ne […]

Draw what you’re looking for with an image search algorithm

The written language, made of letters, words and phrases, is how we mostly do internet search. It doesn’t have be that way though. It is very possible, for example, to search a photograph by drawing its approximation. This is shown by ‘retrievr’, the graphic search engine of System One Labs. In retrievr, you can do […]