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Wikitractatus André Ourednik, 2014, Wikitractatus, Hélice Hélas, Vevey.

Interactive online version.

interactive 3D and audio version.

The Wikitractatus is a poetic text for the computer age, a poem in which you navigate, which you read in the direction that suits you, which you start where you want. Wikitractatus is a poem in which you are the hero. Its two hundred pages don't form a continuous text, but a network of texts, short narratives, poems and philosophical aphorisms, arranged in encyclopedia-like entries. The reader chooses where to begin, which forks in the road to take, and where to stop. If they wish, they can read in page order, like any other book, in reverse order, or starting with the entry entitled Azoth, the name of the element that medieval alchemists considered to be the unity of beginning and end. Wikitractatus can be consulted word by word, like a dictionary. You don't need to visit every entry in the Wikitractatus to understand it. For its meaning is the product of the reader's wandering, like the meaning of any territory we walk through, where we wander, and which we thus make, through our movement, through our sensations, through the reflections that are born in us as we go.

How does it work? Simply, words highlighted in bold in the text indicate the existence of an entry, much like the clickable words in the now-famous Wikipedia encyclopedia. The numbers in the margin give the number of the entry where the reader goes to continue reading.

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Bavaud, F., Cocco, C., & Xanthos, A. (2015). Textual navigation and autocorrelation. Sequences in Language and Text, 69, 35.

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