3D without eyes

The limits of desire in terms of screen resolution have been reached with full HD. This is the point where more isn’t better, ‘more’ simply doesn’t make sense. Beside planned obsolence, the manufactorors only hope is to come up ‘next big thing’. This is precisely why 3D is becomming this year’s keyword of hi-fi retailers.

For now, the “new technology” comes with glasses. The obnoxious color filters of the 1970’s have been abandonned, which leaves you with polarising glasses and liquid crystal glasses. The first ones are perfect unless you tilt your head. The second ones hide your right and left eye, alternately in a 48/sec tact or more. They need a battery and one might question their effect on the human brain, as their use means .

No, definitely, the next step is 3D without glasses.  Or is it? Isn’t the eye&object complex rather as old as the principle behind the creation of Chauvet or Lascaux? Isn’t the next step rather 3D… without eyes.

Connecting screening devices by micro-electrodes directly to the optical nerve is the next step. Ongoing research is already done on this technology in the prospect of healing the blind.

And beyond that: wireless chips implanted directly inside the brain: this is the next big step of real multimedia experience.  Call your lover and chat from within your mind in the middle of a business meeting! Or spare at least on your next myopia operation: buy – with WiFi and HD receptors and switch between the reality in front of you and the other, the world of 3D image-flow in information space.

Really, who needs glasses?

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