The Bugs of Nyarlathotep

The "Bugs of Nyarlathotep" is a 3-level game, loosely based on events described by H.P. Lovecraft. This game has been entirely produced with the NetLogo multi-agent programming interface. Download NetLogo 3.1.4 HERE in order to run an offline version of this game, with sounds, available HERE. Any bug report or comment is welcome (contact).

Feel free to add your own levels to this game. *.nlogo files can be sent to me by e-mail. If they are interesting, your own versions of this game shall be posted on this site. 402x402 px *png files can be used as backgrounds with the NetLogo "import-drawing" and "import-pcolors" instructions.

Find out more about H.P. Lovecraft HERE.

This site's use of NetLogo does not contain only games. Acedemic research projects with this agent-based modelling software can be found HERE.


The character always follows the mouse-pointer.
1st LEVEL: Guide the character out of the labyrinth.
2nd LEVEL: There are 100 bugs. Bugs can only be killed in the water. Kill as many as you can. Avoid the red bugs in any case.
3rd LEVEL: Find a solution to get rid of the red bugs.


NOTE: The applets require Java 1.4.1 or higher to run. It will not run on Windows 95 or Mac OS 8 or 9. Mac users must have OS X 10.2.6 or higher and use a browser that supports Java 1.4 applets (Safari works, IE does not). On other operating systems, you may obtain the latest Java plugin from Sun's Java site.

Created with NetLogo3.1.4