The Message

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Marco Trinca Colonel, DART André Ourednik, 2024, « The Message », in Marco Trinca Colonel & Sheida Ghomashchi, DART, Milano, 2024


"On the night of 26-27 September 2022, the DART spacecraft hits the asteroid Dimorphos. It is six days ahead of schedule. The 550 kg projectile, after 307 days of flight, has a speed close to 24,000 km/h. For the past four hours, the probe has autonomously directed itself towards the asteroid using a tracking system derived from the military missile system. Its camera images take the reverse route to reach us with a 38-second delay. The violent impact creates a crater on Dimorphos and deflects its trajectory more than expected. For the first time in history, we shot into space to strike and change the balance of celestial bodies." (M.T. Colonel)


"before the moon there was a moon
before the sun there was a sun
and we knew the sun would die
as it has done a million times

yet, clever minds, we sought a way
to flee the Earth to get away
all creatures toiled
each played a part
until we knew
how to depart

before our leave, we engraved
in a matter that nothing shatters
in a substance that we've made
a thousand folds a thousand copies
and hid them inside many caves

it told of a way out of time

we really hoped that you would find it..."