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Traces André Ourednik, 2014, « Traces », (préface aux photographies de Paulo de Jesus).

.extrait : A double meaning forks into the word impression. It is both the action of one body on another and the resulting imprint.
Imprinting is the printer's gesture and its trace.
All imprints continue to be printed in the world.
A trace is a series of footprints, marks left by the passage of a being or a machine. Often they lose their origins and find themselves, then, orphaned traces. You do your best to offer them special broodstock. One day, a crane was accused of scribbling white lines across the sky.
You invent the other you're looking for in a labyrinth of traces. You follow him, you guess it. But very early on the traces merge and you no longer distinguish his from yours. When you look for it, you can't find your way around.
The world that sends you your image dissolves into palimpsests.
Living things freeze in their tracks at the end of the path.
The poacher who fell nose to nose with the hunted beast stops, embarrasses himself and turns back. The portrait remembers its viewers.
You play hide-and-seek with the evidence.

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