Hypertopia: from utopia to omniscience

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Hypertopie André Ourednik, 2019, Hypertopia: from utopia to omniscience, La Baconnière, Genève

« Confusing for people who believe in the Paleolithic settlement of Switzerland as well as for those who believe they can book the best possible hotel on the Internet, this pamphlet tackles the forms taken by utopia in modern and contemporary history. André Ourednik starts from the dream of humanist thinkers to show that utopia is at the service of manipulating reality for ideological purposes. This instrumentalization of utopia is undergoing a curious metamorphosis today: hypertopia, a symptom of the profound change in our relationship to the world in the age of the Internet. Hypertopia is a world of omniscience in which human beings, if they are not careful, will lose what they hold dearest: the possibility of constantly reinventing themselves. » (Cécile Guinand, Editions la Baconnière)

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Par ISBN 978-2-88960-003-8

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Press and noosphere

  • Critique par Aurélien Maignant, Viceversa Littérature, 27 juin 2019
    ".André Ourednik's work is constantly reinventing itself, mixing creation and thought in prose, installation or video. His latest essay, Hypertopia, questions our contemporary relationship to space, knowledge and freedom; it reflects, above all, on the death of utopias in a digital environment. A short and exciting essay that constitutes a new stage in this work that seems to be united by a single concern: thinking about the future."