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Omniscience André Ourednik, 2017, « Omniscience », La Baconnière, Genève.

At the end of the century, they created Omniscience: a pool of liquid data; made up of atoms of facts. Those who wish to remember dive in, connect atoms and weave their memorial threads. Some remain immersed in the depths of Omniscience.

The diver Goan Si explores a data lake materialized in a liquid memory basin called 'omniscience'. Following the era of paper archives and digital databases, global data are stored in this new form. The divers serve an often comical ministry, reminiscent of Terry Gillian's Brazil, adapted to the taste of new public management. Their role is to weave narrative threads in the pool or to decrypt them, using read/write machines. But from the beginning, the threads of former divers, classified under the archive file E#26, raise questions of an existential nature.

Following the parallel stories of a dozen characters, Omniscience explores the very contemporary question of data, their future and their involvement in the constitution of individual and collective memory. Punctuated by striking scenes and supported by a writing nourished by references and symbols, this text questions individualism and offers a caustic portrayal of the data civilization.

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Omniscience ISBN : 9782940431724


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